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Idlewild Butterfly Farm welcomes…

Butterfly Lovers Walk through our farm. See how butterflies are raised. Purchase butterflies for your special event. Browse unique butterfly-themed items including real butterfly wing jewelry and framed butterfly specimens.

Insect Lovers Tour our insectarium, where we keep and raise exotic insects from all over the globe. Browse our framed insect taxidermy for the latest unique inclusion to your home d├ęcor. Geek out with our entomologists.

Gardeners Shop our insecticide-free foliage and floral stock specially selected to support and attract butterflies and other pollinators. Purchase beneficial insects for your yard or garden. Consult with our entomologists to address your horticultural pests using beneficial insects.

Shoppers Browse unique gifts and accessories inspired by the natural world — many hand-made locally or in the USA. Support small business and local craftspeople.

Children Tour our insectarium to see exotic insects up close. Take home a butterfly chrysalis or caterpillar-to-butterfly life cycle kit. Learn about native butterflies and the metamorphosis life cycle of the butterfly.

You! Just curious? We are centrally located in Louisville KY and open to the public — no appointment necessary. Come see what we are all about!

The Butterfly Flight House

Access to the butterfly flight house is free of charge! The flight house is an eyes-only area; while you may walk freely with the butterflies, we ask that they are not caught, chased, touched, or held. Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. The butterfly house cannot accommodate strollers. Butterfly house access is determined by season and weather conditions.

Butterfly House availability: seasonal closing – re-opens mid-May 2019

The Insectarium

A guided tour of the facility includes a visit to our insect rearing lab, where we keep and raise a variety of worldly specimens that are sure to amaze. Visitors will have an opportunity to not only see and learn about these amazing creatures, but to actually touch and hold some of the most bizarre and beautiful  insects in the world. Please note that insect lab access is available via guided tour only; see Tours of the Facility below.

Insect Lab availability: open!

Tours of the Facility

We offer guided tours by our staff of entomologists and experienced curators. See what we do and how we do it, from butterfly rearing to the care of exotic insects. You will not only learn about these amazing creatures, but get to handle and experience them up close — an unforgettable experience for children and adults alike.

Tours are available on our normal business days starting on the top of the hour from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and typically last half an hour to forty-five minutes.

Admission $10 adults / $7 children 3 yr+ / $8 seniors & military IDs

Hours of Operation

Butterflies and insects are a seasonal business, so be advised that our hours of operation change during late autumn, winter, and early spring. Outdoor operations, including the butterfly house and plant sales, are available during the warm months. The insectarium and boutique are open year-round.

Spring Season (March–April) Tuesday–Saturday, 10:00 am — 5:00 pm

Butterfly Season (May–September) Tuesday–Saturday, 10:00 am — 5:00 pm

Holiday Season (October–December) HOURS TBA

Off Season (January–March) Closed to the public

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Most questions can be answered via our FAQ. If you would like to know more, we invite you to Contact Us directly with your query — we are happy to help.