Plant sales & beneficial insects now available

Plants for butterfly and pollinator gardens are now in stock at Idlewild! All your butterfly garden favorites are back. Native plants, perennials, and flowering annuals for the complete butterfly garden.

And many, many more! Plants are in stock now while supplies last.

Also available for the spring season are popular beneficial insects for yard and garden!

Praying mantids are a beloved novelty insect that make a great home project. Simply hold the egg case in the provided bag, then watch through the window for the baby mantids to hatch! Release outdoors after hatching.

Ladybugs are voracious predators of aphids and other small soft-bodied plant pests. Release ladybugs onto plants for biological control of aphid problems, or just release for fun!

Beneficial nematodes are an easy, invisible biological treatment for a broad spectrum of pest insects that have a soil-dwelling stage. Nematodes control whitegrubs and other beetle larvae, fungus gnats and other root-zone maggots, cutworms, rootworms, flea beetles, June beetles, Japanese beetles, thrips, fleas, and many more.

These popular beneficials will be available “on the shelf” during the spring season. Praying mantis egg cases are a spring product only, so get yours before they are out of season!