Monarch Tagging

Monarchs east of the Rocky Mountains migrate to Mexico during late summer and early fall. At this time, the traveling monarchs can be tagged and later recovered further along their journey. This location tagging provides scientists with valuable information about the migration paths and methods of navigation that monarchs use to reach their final destination in the forests of Mexico. 

If you would like to participate in monarch tagging, the process has been made easy through Idlewild Butterfly Farm! Both monarchs and tags are currently available for pre-order. Monarchs are $90 for a dozen and $10 each for singles. Your monarchs will come with tags and instructions for proper placement. All orders will arrive by the last week of September. Deadline for pre-order is August 31!
UPDATE: October 10th
We still have butterflies available for tagging, but they won’t be around for long! Tag a few with the kids in your own backyard, or coordinate a larger release for an event. But be advised that this is our last generation of farm-raised monarchs – once they’re gone, they’re gone until spring!