Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis Kits

Available for a limited time only!

Experience the complete life cycle of the monarch butterfly from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.

Each kit includes one large milkweed plant, two monarch caterpillars, a parasitoid-resistant plant sleeve, and ID tags for your butterflies. Watch them eat, grow, and transform, then tag and release your mature butterflies to join the migration! Each kit is self-contained and can be kept indoors for maximum enjoyment of your monarchs.

A limited number of these incredibly popular kits will be available starting next week, Wednesday September 12th but you can call now to reserve yours before they sell out for the season! Only $24.99.

Call Idlewild Butterfly Farm at (502) 384-8953 to reserve your monarch metamorphosis kit!

* Monarch kits are available for in-store pick-up only. Pick-ups begin Wednesday, September 12th. Payment required in advance for kit reservation. All live insect sales are final.