IdleWeb Newsletter: October Updates

Hello bug and butterfly lovers! Butterfly season in Kentucky is approaching its close as butterflies start preparing for winter. But just because our butterflies have stopped breeding doesn’t mean that we at Idlewild Butterfly Farm are going into hibernation just yet!

Creepy Things @ Idlewild Butterfly Farm

When the butterflies have flown, things at the farm get creepy. We are opening our doors for two special after-hours nights of skin-crawling insect viewing.

Join us after the sun sets and our nocturnal insects come alive! Watch scorpions glow under ultraviolet light, and cockroaches teem under the cover of night. Exotic praying mantids stalk their prey in the dark, and thorny stick insects wake from their daytime slumber. Visit with social media superstar Blanche the tarantula. And be sure to watch your head under the haunted tree – look up and you will see a web-weaving lurker or two…

Attend Creepy Things this October 14th and 21st from 7:00-10:00 pm. Costumes welcome and treats available! Admission $10 per adult, $7 per child. paid at the door.

Looking for the spider house? It is being hosted this year at the Louisville Zoo. Click here for details.


The “Not So Itsy Bitsy” Spider House @ Louisville Zoo

Idlewild Butterfly Farm veterans know all about our annual live spider walk-through exhibit. This year, ‘spider house’ is bigger and better than ever, and can be found at the Louisville Zoo.

More space. More species. More spiders.

Click here for full details on the Not-so Itsy Bitsy Spider House @ Louisville Zoo.


Monarchs Available: Limited Time Only

We still have live monarch butterflies available, but they won’t be around long. All monarch butterfly purchases come with FREE tags for tag-and-release. Tag a few with the kids in your own backyard, or coordinate a larger release for your event!

This is our last generation of farm-reared monarchs. Once they’re gone, they’re gone until spring!