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A large part of our mission is to educate the general public in the role that not only butterflies, but all arthropods, play in the natural world. We strive to promote respect and appreciation for all of our little friends, and there’s no better way of doing that than by letting folks get up close and personal with the very critters that they have sometimes learned to fear. We give participants in our educational programs the chance to interact with some of the most amazing and beautiful insects in the world while they learn about the large role these small creatures have in various ecosystems.

School Visits – Let one of the entomologists on our staff bring the show to you! Your students will be awe-struck by the many native and exotic species of insects we can bring directly to the classroom. Prices vary depending on your needs, so please call today for more information or to schedule your school visit. Please be advised that school visits must be scheduled further in advance than field trips, and school bookings must be a minimum of one hour.

Field Trips – While we can accommodate larger groups, the size of our facility is best suited for groups of 30 or less so that everyone has an opportunity to experience everything we have to offer. Field trip groups usually spend 1-2 hours in our facility, and during warmer months can also experience our live butterfly flight house (more time may be needed depending on the size of your group). Call or complete the form to let us know about your group and when you’d like to come. Groups must total 20 people or more to qualify for educator rates. Standard tour prices apply for groups of less than twenty.

Special Classes – We host many workshops throughout the year on a number of different topics, such as providing tips for butterfly breeding hobbyists and pinning expired/deceased specimens. Check our Events page, visit our Facebook, sign up for our mailing list, or contact us directly for more information about our workshops. All of our workshops are open to the general public, but registration and pre-payment is required.

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