Butterfly Gallery and Pricing

Our butterflies are all Kentucky natives that are approved for release and will thrive in the local environment. Butterfly availability will vary by season and breeding cycles; not all species shown may be available at all times. For your satisfaction, please place an order for your butterflies well in advance of your event; short-notice orders may be subject to butterfly availability.

Painted Ladies: dainty butterflies with varicolored wing pattern and energetic flight

1-4 dozen $65/doz
5 or more dozen $60/doz


Monarch Butterflies: large, robust butterflies with bright orange and bold black striping

1-4 dozen $90/doz
5 or more dozen $85/doz


Swallowtails (various species): large, stately butterflies with slender tails on the hindwings

1 dozen $120


Mixed Dozen (Monarchs + Painted Ladies + others): a mix of seasonally available butterflies

1 dozen $80